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How to rest in Egypt, without violating Russian laws?

The fact is that the ban on visiting the “Land of the Pyramids” by Russian citizens was not. Such a ban would be contrary to the constitutional right of citizens to move. In November 2015, due to the crash of the passenger aircraft of the Kagolymavia company over Egyptian territory, the Government of the Russian Federation prohibited the sale of tours to Egypt.

The crash of the passenger aircraft of the company “Kagolymavia” over Egyptian territory

At the same time, direct flights to this country were also banned. However, there is no official ban on visiting Egypt for Russian tourists, and those of fellow citizens who decide to go on an independent journey can do it on quite legal grounds.

There is no ban on visiting Egypt for Russian tourists

To get to the “Land of the Pyramids” from Russia is real only by air. Various “railway” options like “train through Madrid”, found in some forums are a figment of the fantasy of the local members of the forum, Egypt has no railway connection with any country in the world.

To get to the “Land of the Pyramids” from Russia is real only by air

Order flights without much difficulty via the Internet. In connection with the ban on direct flights, you will have to travel through the airports of third countries. Russians are more likely to fly Belavia planes from Minsk, there are also options for flying from Kiev, Tbilisi, for Siberians and residents of the Far East – from Astana. By the way, on the websites of tour you can buy tours to Egypt, the package of documents usually requires the same as in Russia. Independent tourists from the Russian Federation can apply for Egyptian tourist visas at the airports of Cairo, Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh.

You will have to get through the airports of third countries

Popular hotel reservation sites, Hotel Info and many others are always ready to provide independent tourists with information on availability and cost of living, and book rooms with the possibility of a subsequent free cancellation. You can book rooms in several hotels at the same time. Conditions of stay, transfer, location, excursions offered, distance from entertainment centers, attractions, shopping centers, markets, beaches – all this information is available on booking sites.

Egypt. Sunset at sea

It should be noted that in the absence of a paid tour, you will have to purchase medical insurance yourself (you can also use the Internet) to collect all the necessary documents. But this option of travel to Egypt has its advantages – you can visit several cities and resorts, having lived some time in each of them. It is only important not to confuse with the dates – arrival and departure, hotel reservations, expiration of the visa.

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