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From Koh Samui to Singapore – how to get there?

Due to the fact that Singapore is a very expensive country in the Asian direction, tour operators do not risk organizing group excursions from Koh Samui to Singapore. And, indeed, if you count the flight, 3-day accommodation, meals and excursion program – there is a decent amount, in some cases even exceeding the cost of a weekly rest of the “average” tourist on a Thai island.

Therefore, if you are offered such an excursion, it will be an individual one. But does it make sense to pay for it, when you can go on your own from Koh Samui to Singapore, without overpaying the travel company.

Flight Singapore – Koh Samui
There is a direct flight service between Koh Samui and Singapore – 6 flights a day. Two airlines are flying: Singaporean SilkAir (subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) and Thai Bangkok Airways. If you buy tickets in advance, for several months, you can fly one way for 10,000-12,000 rubles. SilkAir has lower prices. Travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Usually, most Russian tourists take a one-way ticket to Koh Samui – Singapore, and from there they fly directly to either Russia (or to another country, different from the country of arrival – Thailand), or to Bangkok.

Important notice: with or without a visa
Russian tourists can stay in Singapore without a visa for 96 hours (4 days), subject to transit. That is, if you fly from Samui to Singapore and then to Russia (or to another country other than the country of arrival from Singapore – Thailand) – this is a transit, and, being here for no more than 96 hours, you can not issue a visa.

But, if you fly from Samui to Singapore and then to Bangkok, this is not considered transit, that is, you must apply for a visa. Otherwise, you simply will not be let out of Samui airport: the airport employees are closely watching this when they provide you with a boarding pass for the flight at the check-in and baggage reception.

Check-in and luggage counters at Samui Airport

When departing from Samui, you will be asked to present either a confirmation of your transit stay in Singapore (a return ticket from Singapore to another country other than the country of arrival – Thailand), or you will be asked to show a copy of the Singapore state visa (printed A4 sheet of your electronic visa, because passport it is not affixed). After all, if a transit passenger arrives from Thailand without a visa, the Thai side will have to deport him at his own expense.

Waiting Area for Boarding at Samui Airport

It is not difficult to get a Singapore state visa: a visa is made within 6 working days (usually 2-3 days), costs 2500 rubles, is issued via the Internet on the website of the Visa Center for Asia –, without visiting the consulate.

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