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Cyprus wine tour is not only tasting flavored drink

Cyprus is a beautiful island with beautiful nature, delicious national dishes, hospitable locals, world-famous wines and a great beach holiday …Cyprus wine tour is not only tasting flavored drink.

Those who buy a trip to Cyprus from the company Thank You-Travel, should take into account that the island has wine routes. Having gone to such entertainment, you can not only enjoy the taste of the best wines of Cyprus, but also get acquainted with the traditions, way of life and customs of the locals – because the path lies in the most remote parts of the island.

Cyprus Wine Routes

The most popular tourist routes are:
Kilada Diarizu, laid along the banks of the river Diarizos. This place of Cyprus is famous for its very beautiful nature and endless vineyards. Among the many varieties of the favorite type of this area is the Mavro, going to the manufacture of rosé wines. In the lowlands of Diarizos, there are many wineries that have the most modern methods of vine processing, which makes local wines quite competitive.

Kilada Diarizu

Commandaria, whose wines are known from the 12th century. At the source of this production was the Order of St. John, led by his knights. Having gone on this tour, the guests of the country visit 14 settlements, where they produce the famous Commandaria wines.


Tourists reveal all the secrets of production, give to taste the sweet dessert known far beyond the country, they conduct a tour of the Kolossi castle.

Kolossi Castle

Red grapes varieties Mavro mixed with white xynisteri, dried them in the sun, which activates the production of sweetness. Further, the mixture is given under a special press (it was so many centuries ago). As a result, the liquid is fermented in containers that also came from time immemorial.

Vouni Panagias runs through the picturesque villages of Cyprus. The main actor in this route is lightweight white wine made from the already well-known Xynisteri variety. This drink has notes of apple, peach and apricot.

Vuni Panagias

A nice bonus of this trip is the tasting of another wine – from the Marateftiko variety. This wine has a floral and fruity flavor. Lunch at a local restaurant suggests meze and a glass or two of wine, which allows you to experience the specifics of local life. More wines can be tasted at a festival held every September in Limassol. And at this festival you will find an interesting entertainment program.

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