Holiday in Dubai: interesting and comfortable
Fabulous Dubai never ceases to amaze travelers with its constantly changing appearance. People come here to see with their own eyes the highest skyscrapers in the world, buildings with unusual…

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Discover the secrets of Africans
Not only the rich chocolate color of the skin of African people, but also their anatomical features sometimes surprise and cause a lot of questions. Why do Africans have dark…

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What attracts Finland in the summer for traveling with children?
Santa Claus and Moomin trolls, game parks and water parks, cruises and fishing, nature and natural products ... In “Moomin World” everything is created for children: you can play pranks…

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Active weekend for the whole family

Not all families can often travel to other countries. But this does not negate the need for a person to rest and change the situation. And if you show imagination, you can discover many ideas for mini-travel that will help you switch, try something new and spend time with your family.

1. Rope town or extreme park
To date, large rope towns or extreme parks are in many suburbs. They are located, as a rule, in picturesque places – in the forest or near water. You will not only get a lot of thrills, but also relax in the fresh air. In such parks there are routes of different levels of complexity, while there may be restrictions for children of preschool age. Therefore, it is better to clarify the minimum age of visitors in advance.

2. Paintball
This sports game came to us from the United States relatively recently, but has already gained popularity. The meaning of paintball is to hit as many opponents as possible with dye balls. The game develops the team spirit, so necessary for any family. However, paintball requires some training, equipment and practice. Therefore, without an instructor at first, you can not do.

3. fishing
This type of leisure has long ceased to be exclusively male privilege. Many women indulge in fishing with great passion. And for the child it is also very informative, because he can learn a lot of new things about the surrounding nature.

4. Air rides
Those who dream of overcoming the force of gravity will enjoy ballooning. One balloon can lift up to 8 passengers in the air, which means that the whole family will be able to survive the excitement of the flight. A variant of air travel can be a flight in an aerotube, during which you can experience the feeling of free fall. However, unlike the balloon, the adventure will be individual, and one session will last only a few minutes.

5. Hike
Good old camping with a tent is a great opportunity to spend time together and inculcate many useful skills in children: how to make a fire, set up a tent, identify edible mushrooms, navigate without a compass and much more. And most importantly – the campaign does not require special financial costs. Depending on the physical fitness and age of your children, hiking can be not only walking, but also cycling or water.

There are many options for an active family holiday. However, whatever you choose, you will need comfortable shoes. Men’s and women’s PUMA sneakers will become your indispensable travel companions. Among their advantages, it is worth noting the excellent depreciation due to the innovative structure of the sole and ventilation due to the “breathing” materials with perforations and special mesh inserts. Well, fashionable design will help to remain stylish and modern, even in hiking conditions.

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