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What is a must visit and see in Greece?

Greece has long been considered the most popular tourist destination on the planet. In recent decades, this country has become one of the main directions of both beach and educational tourism …

What is a must visit and see in Greece?

This is facilitated not only by the abundance of historical monuments, which the ancient land of Hellas has always been famous for, but also by the unique natural and climatic conditions, a long coastline, and a modern, well-established hotel and excursion service. Travel companies are constantly updating the offered tours, and hotels seek, in the face of fierce competition from other resort destinations, to create the best conditions for tourists at affordable prices.

The tourist zone of Greece is sometimes called the Archipelago. Over a thousand islands in the basins of the Aegean and Ionian seas have retained a huge amount of material traces of ancient Greek civilization, as well as monuments of early European history, from the crusades to the Turkish-Ottoman conquest. We offer to get acquainted with the five most, in our opinion, important sights, which you should definitely visit after visiting Greece.

Acropolis of Athens
The residence of the Athenian kings, located on a high rocky hill in the center of the city.

Acropolis in ancient times served as a defensive function at the same time served as a place of worship for the ancient gods. There are many ancient Greek temples here, the most majestic of them is the world famous Parthenon, recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage and being the unofficial national symbol of Greece.

For thousands of years, many temples and other architectural structures of the Acropolis have been repeatedly destroyed, but the skill of ancient architects is still amazing.

Mount Athos
Unfortunately, this interesting place in Northern Greece can only be visited by men. On Mount Athos there are about 20 male Orthodox monasteries, inhabited by one and a half thousand monks.

Athos monasteries are one of the main holy places of Orthodox Christians of the whole world, here you can visit temples built back in the IV century. Officially, Mount Athos is considered a Greek territory and is called the “Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain.” It is the only monastic republic in the world; monasteries are endowed with the right of broad self-government.

In addition to the ban on women on Mount Athos (and even female animals!), There are a number of restrictions for tourists: the ban on video and photography, bright and short (above the knees and below the shoulders) clothing, it is also forbidden to swim and sunbathe. Nevertheless, the Greek Athos is visited annually by about a million tourists.

In ancient Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is the sacred seat of the gods.
Nowadays, Olympia is a national natural park with stunning mountain views, from here they are delivered the “Olympic flame” that accompanies the summer and winter Olympic games in different parts of the Earth. As befits a cult place, there are many all sorts of ancient Greek shrines: the temple of the goddess Hera, more than a hundred statues that conquer tourists with the marvelous skill of ancient sculptors.

Crete is the largest island of the Greek Archipelago, the cradle of the oldest Minoan civilization.
The main and most famous landmark of Crete is the Palace of Knossos with the labyrinth of King Minos, mentioned in legends and myths of ancient Greece about the sacred bull of the Minotaur.
In the south-west of the island there is a national reserve – the Samaria Gorge over 16 km long.
Here you can see the herds of wild mountain goats and drink the famous Cretan wine from grapes grown on the slopes of the gorge. The beaches and lagoons of Crete are among the most beautiful in the whole Mediterranean.

Kos Island
Experienced tourists say that you need to visit Kos island at least once in order to have an idea about Greece.
It is the birthplace of the legendary ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, considered the founder of European medicine. Here you can sit under the “Hippocrates Plane” – it is believed that this is the most ancient tree in Europe planted by the great doctor himself, it grows in the territory of the cultural center named after him.

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