Traveling light: how to get by on hand luggage on the plane
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What not to do in Israel for tourists
Israel is a free country. You will see this after passing strict passport control at the airport and find yourself in crazy Tel Aviv, where homosexual couples and freaks of…

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Jellyfish season in israel
Despite the small size of Israel, it is washed by two seas - the Mediterranean and Red. However, a beach holiday in the resorts of this country can be overshadowed…

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Will it be possible to relax in the self-proclaimed countries

Territories that declared independence without the consent of the states in which they belonged are called self-proclaimed …Previously, it was part of Georgia, but because of the conflict, which lasted about 10 years, in 1992 the state split. Today, a republic that has gained independence is recognized by Russia, Syria and 3 states without representation. On its territory there is a New Athos monastery, Lake Riza. Tourism is underdeveloped here, but this does not discourage travelers. In Abkhazia, you can relax inexpensively, and they travel for a couple of days, mostly from Sochi.

In the border control zone in the capital of Georgia there is an announcement that people entering from Abkhazia from Russia are strictly prohibited from entering Georgia. In fact, according to the stories of tourists, there were no problems. However, this is understandable, because to get to the territory of the unrecognized republic, it is enough to have a Russian passport with you. The visa does not require marks in the passport is not set.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
The division of Cyprus took place in 1974, when Turkey invaded to annex the island to Greece. The attempt failed, but more than 35% of the island’s territory was occupied. After 9 years, a new republic was proclaimed here, the TRNC. Today, only Turkey recognizes it. It is the easiest way to get to Northern Cyprus from here – by ferry or by plane from Istanbul, Ankara and some resorts.

For those who are in Cyprus, it is enough to cross the land border, and rarely are they denied entry into the territory of the unrecognized republic. Among the tourists on its territory are Turks, tourists from Germany, Great Britain. They are attracted not so much by the sights (there are few of them in the north), as by a quiet and relaxing inexpensive vacation. The beaches here are not crowded, there is a casino (they work legally).

Earlier, the republic was part of Serbia, but in 2008 proclaimed its independence. It has not yet been recognized by Russia, Serbia, China, Spain and other countries. Some tourists are afraid to enter Kosovo; at the same time, those who crossed the border admit that they ask the customs to fill out a questionnaire, but the staff are very polite.

Locals also treat tourists friendly, most speak Russian. Some even invite to dine or spend the night in case of problems with food and housing.

When entering Kosovo, Russians are given a visa. If at the same time they have multiple Schengen, they are allowed to stay in the territory for up to 15 days. There are no resorts here, but the rest are beckoned by calm streets, reminiscent of Soviet cities, old Ottoman quarters.

Once it was part of the Ottoman Empire, which split after the First World War. The UN approved a plan for dividing the territory into 2 states in 1947, provided that Jerusalem falls under international control. Not everyone agreed with this, and the following year, with the proclamation of the State of Israel, a conflict began here.

At the moment, Palestine is partially recognized (Russia, a number of UN member countries). It includes the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It also claims to be East Jerusalem, which is controlled by Israel (therefore, the UN considers it occupied).

People go to Palestine to see the ancient city of Hebron, to visit Bethlehem. To get to the West Bank, cross the border from Israel (Russians do not need a visa). Since Israelis are forbidden to go to Bethlehem, driver guides hide an Israeli passport and show a Russian foreign country.

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