Where do billionaires rest
Each of us dreamed of becoming a billionaire, at least once in a lifetime. Those who managed to achieve this, winning the jack-mouth in the lottery or just working hard,…

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Now in Turkey almost every hotel works with Russian tour operators and tourists, especially as regards the Antalya coast, which is the most popular among Russians ... Turkey Today we…

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Cultural shock: what are the oddities of the locals expect Russians in China?
But despite this, being in China, many foreigners still receive cultural shock. On the occasion of the abolition of visas between Russia and China, the tourist portal tourweek.ru found out…

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Top 5 expensive and cool villas in Thailand

Thailand can be safely attributed to the most popular holiday destinations among Russian tourists. Students, families with children, entire firms and corporations come here. Phuket has become a kind of alternative to inexpensive island tourism. If desired, and a share of luck, fly away to fabulous beaches and spend a week under the hot Asian sun for as little as $ 500.

But today, let’s dream a little. At least for a moment we plunge into a completely different Thailand, for the elect.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to your attention a selection of the most expensive, exclusive and luxurious villas in Thailand, where the entrance is forbidden to mere mortals.

In fifth place is a private villa in the heart of the tourist area of ​​Chaweng on Koh Samui. Sangsuri I includes 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a 22-meter outdoor pool, a yoga club, a cinema and a jacuzzi for six. And all of this is entirely yours.

Sangsuri I offers stunning views of the ocean and private beach with hammocks, a gazebo and a playground. Here you run the risk of saying goodbye to a beautiful figure: delicious food and a complete lack of physical activity. I woke up in the morning, drank a cup of coffee on the terrace and went to the beach!

Villa Kalyana is chosen by those who appreciate personal space. Kalyana hid on the southern coast of Koh Samui in a secluded bay.

Just imagine that there is no one around. No annoying crowds of tourists. No hum, dust and city fuss. You, the villa and the palm groves.

Designers embody the most daring ideas:

12 meter pyramid shaped roof.

Pavilion for recreation with carved wood.

Outdoor pool 300 square meters.

Personal children’s play area.

Huge outdoor barbecue terrace.

Private beach with guest bungalows.

26 bedrooms for 50 people.

Bathrooms with open marble baths and waterfalls.

But that’s not all. To the villa “attached” service personnel from the gardener to the team of waiters.

3rd place. Villa Alilla. 2700-8700USD per day
A house in Phuket overlooking the Andaman Sea, elegantly inscribed in the jungle landscape – Villa Alilla. And let, you are not confused by the comparison with the “house”. Alilla is a complex for the rich, with spacious semi-open villas.

7 bedrooms, numerous terraces, a chef and waiters, breakfast, lunch and dinner by the sea – these are just a few arguments in favor of the villa.

The complex has a gym and tennis courts, SPA and billiards, playgrounds and an outdoor pool the size of the 747th Boeing.

Guests of the villa may not even bother about the entertainment program. Bars, restaurants, guides – everything is in place.

2nd place. Villa Iniala Collector’s. 3000-10000USD per day
Villa Iniala Collector’s
Most likely, you are now tormented by the question of what should be in a villa to pay for it 10,000 dollars a day.

First, the interior creates a famous designer. Preferably not one, but four at once. The marine-style living room is encrusted with 3,000 ceramic tiles. In the center is a soft sofa with starfish, a shimmering ceiling, golden teak cornices and a courtyard with massive columns.

Secondly, the villa must have a crystal dining room. No, not glasses of crystal, but all of crystal. Why trivia?

Thirdly, the chef and waiter will not surprise anyone. Each guest has a personal driver, spa therapist, butler and housekeeper.

The villa has several themed blocks:

White suite will give an atmosphere of carelessness. The room is made of whitewashed wood. It is naturally complemented by a terrace, hammocks and a gazebo.

The second block is a mixture of French ash and granite.

The third palace suite “Boudoir” is replete with silk, crystal and pompous chandeliers.

Guests of the complex can try kayaking, canoeing and Thai boxing.

1 place. Villa Ani Villas. 6000-18000USD per day
Villa Ani Villas
The leader of the selection of Villa Ani Villas. This is not just a villa, it is a royal residence on the coast of Koh Yao Noi. From the windows of the villa overlooks the Phang Nga Bay. And at the disposal of guests 8000 square meters of personal space.

Designers did their best. Ani Villas recreates the interiors of the Buddhist temples of Northern Thailand.

Guests of the villa are in no way limited:

10 bedrooms with a capacity of 20 people.

5 guest houses

42-meter pool, smoothly “flowing” into the horizon line and “slipping” into the ocean.

Diving, surfing, kayaking and boat rafting.

Absolute independence from the outside world. Personal chef, personal trainer, personal “dust blower”.

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