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Car Tour: Which Direction Should I Take?

The car provides complete freedom of action for lovers of travel. But it happens that there is time and money, but where to go is difficult to determine. If the situation is familiar firsthand, then the routes described below will be an interesting discovery.

Car Tour: Which Direction Should I Take?
One-day routes – easy, fast, fun!
If there is only one or two days available, the tour should be selected in the surrounding area. For example, one of the most popular options among residents of the northern capital is the Kurgalsky Reserve. It is located only 400 km from St. Petersburg, but it opens to travelers the world of pristine nature with its deep trails and gorgeous views of the Baltic Sea.

In the Leningrad region there is another unique place – fortresses and fords of Vyborg. The history of their occurrence dates back to 1293 year. Now most of the buildings are in ruins, but the atmosphere of mystery, silent majesty still attracts many tourists to these places. In the corresponding section of the thematic site www.vpoxod.ru/types/5-Avto you can find complete information on how this one-day car trip is organized.

Car tours in the unknown Dali
By car, even the most remote, difficult routes become available to real travelers. Important: You can go on a trip both on a personal vehicle and on a car of the organizers of the trip. Which direction to choose? There are many options, but if the soul is waiting for unforgettable impressions and adventures, noteworthy:
the boundless steppes and dunes of Mongolia;
the fjords of Norway;
inaccessible Gorny Altai;

Karakorum Highway.
It will surprise many, but Mongolia is called not only the state of the boundless steppes, but also the country of the blue sky. The sun shines here 250 days a year, and just does not leave people time for a bad mood. By car, endless dunes are not able to deprive travelers of their strength, saving them for successful fishing in the wild lakes – Dayan-nur and Hoton-nur.

The fjords of Norway and Gorna Altai are a journey for those who are ready to balance between extreme, active rest and the comfort of camping. If, on the trip, you want everything at once, then the Karakorum highway is the ideal solution. A trip along the highest mountain road in the world allows you to see the national parks, ancient fortresses, beautiful peaks and personally communicate with the colorful population of this region of the Pakistani state.

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