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TOP-5 of the islands of Thailand for lovers of night parties

Thailand is one of the best places for lovers of noisy parties. Every year, millions of young tourists go to the country to visit beach bars and nightclubs …

TOP-5 of the islands of Thailand for lovers of night parties

After sunset, entertainment is offered by all the cities and villages of the Thais, but there are five tropical islands on the Land of Smiles, which are particularly popular. Lovers of tumultuous parties better prepare in advance for what will have to get home after having fun on foot or call a taxi in Thailand. Even in crowded places it is not too pleasant to wander around tired in the dark. The next step is to choose an island where the best parties are offered.

Phangan nightlife
During the day Koh Phangan offers beautiful beaches with white sand and palm trees. The entire length of the coast based clubs and bars, most of them become the most lively at night. Nothing compares to a beach party, when music is rattling, alcohol flows like water, impetuous dances do not stop. The most popular place for hot parties in Phangan can be called Haad Rin Beach. The clubs located on its shore are held very cheerful full moon parties on a monthly basis.

Phangan nightlife
On such nights, up to 30,000 people gather on the beach. For their fun, there are 12 main sound systems, DJs, bars offering a huge selection of drinks, and many dance floors. For one night per month, Haad Ron turns into a huge nightclub.

Bright Nights of Samui
Samui is located off the east coast of Thailand and is one of the favorite places for young people to rest. There are many beaches offering noisy nightlife. One of them is Chaweng, which lights up the ocean with bright lights of nightclubs and bars. Here they offer their versions of Phangan’s full moon parties – the holidays of the crescent and the black moon. At this time, revelers can get to the festival sites on their feet, pay for a bus or a ferry to take them to a beach away from residential areas. There, young  barbecue, alctravelers await seafoodohol and the best music from DJs – both local and invited celebrities.

Nikki Beach Party
In October, on the island of Koh Samui held its own version of “Oktoberfest.” It is organized in strict accordance with German traditions. At this time, the river pours beer, you can eat sausages. The event is held at the Nikki Beach Hotel.

Phuket Noisy Fun
For many years, the island has been a “hot spot” on the party-goer map. On its beaches Karon and Kata are many bars and nightclubs that are open until the last visitor. Music does not cease until the morning. A popular nightlife destination is Patong Beach with its many nightlife and strip clubs. Walk along Soi Sea Dragon Street to experience the nightlife of the ever-noisy Phuket.

Night Patong in Phuket
Visit Seduction Beach Club & Discotheque if you want to dance. Want to listen to loud music? Check out the Hard Rock Café. To be where to return from noisy parties, it is worth taking care of housing. It meets all the requirements of Europeans in Phuket. Pay attention to the comfortable villa “Shanti Bondi”.

Phi Phi’s sleepless nights
Although all the towns of the island offer enough nightlife, lovers of noisy dance floors and loud music should choose Tonsai and East Tonsai.

Phi Phi Night
Phi Phi is known for selling alcohol in buckets. In them, as in plastic baskets, everything necessary for the preparation of cocktails is piled up. In the buckets are cans and bottles of cane vodka, beer, cola, brandy or other drinks. Each shop offers many different sets for every taste.

Chang Island – dancing all the way
Here you can dance all night long with thousands of travelers. Chang is not as crowded as on other islands, but there are more than enough bars and nightclubs for fun.

Chang Island
This has its own charm, because not everyone likes the place where several people dance on one square meter. Some want more space. For the rest, Chang is not inferior to other islands of rampant parties. He offers loud music, alcohol and dancing until the morning.

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