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Cultural shock: what are the oddities of the locals expect Russians in China?

But despite this, being in China, many foreigners still receive cultural shock. On the occasion of the abolition of visas between Russia and China, the tourist portal found out what odd whims of Chinese people Russians will have to face during their trip to this country.

Toilets in China can rightly be called public – you will not find any partitions or lockable doors there. And if they will, it is only in exceptional cases. What is considered a “toilet” here, through the eyes of an unaccustomed tourist, at best, looks like a hole in the floor.

It turns out that Chinese medicine does not welcome watch sitting on the toilet with a gadget, recognizing that it is harmful to health. For a painless trip to the toilet, local doctors recommend squatting with knees up. Therefore, on the toilet, which is familiar to the Russian person, the Chinese will only relieve themselves by standing on their feet.

Nevertheless, the Chinese authorities decided to go against the established tradition: in November last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to install more modern toilets, as this will contribute to the development of tourism.

Traditional public toilet in China
For the Chinese, traveling in a coupe is an unaffordable luxury, so they buy tickets only in reserved seats. However, it is also difficult to call cars that are familiar to China in reserved seat: instead of armchairs with upholstery, there are wooden benches, which can even be seated. But the Chinese still get clogged up in an already crowded train, even if you have to stand for several days. They are not afraid of the prospect of sleeping on their feet, leaning on the neighbor’s shoulder, and even a few sleepless nights in an upright position.

Passengers on the train from Ningbo City to Chengdu City are standing up and sleeping on their suitcases.
Crowding and standing in lines just like that is one of the favorite activities of the Chinese. They will do it, even if, in the end, they get nothing – the process itself is valued here. He got up early, took the eggplant with him and stand in line for seven hours of soy sauce.

Locals queuing up for soy sauce
The Chinese like to spit loudly and juicyly – let everyone around see and hear it. A foreign tourist will hear these amazing sounds as soon as he leaves the airport. They are distributed from everywhere: from cheap eateries, expensive restaurants.

But these repulsive actions, in our opinion, are by no means a manifestation of bad manners, but concern for one’s health. Locals believe that swallowing drool and snot is harmful, which means they should be spit out. And it is better to do it in front of everyone.

Social advertising warning the Chinese not to spit in public places
Every morning, older people gather in all Chinese parks. They fold in half and walk backwards, clapping their hands in front of them, then behind their backs. Here it is believed that it relaxes the spinal and lumbar muscles and promotes neurogenesis, because it requires a lot of mental effort.

Traditional morning exercises
The Chinese adore crowding around something: it doesn’t matter whether it’s a dead cat or a woman who died in a car accident – they are going to be in a group of about a dozen people and stare at her without attention.

Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity. For example, in June, a handful of Chinese people persuaded a girl who was sitting on the edge of the roof to jump down.

Crowd of chinese
In China, animals are almost on par with inanimate objects. Here you will not surprise anyone with a rabbit sent by mail, or a kick in the cat’s way – for the Chinese it is a common thing.

A farmer checks a rabbit in the livestock market.
The Chinese drive as abnormal: they rush in the opposite lane, turn back sharply on a crowded highway, suddenly turn in the wrong place, blocking traffic and creating terrible traffic jams. The only rule here is not to be killed, although this is not always the case.

Chinese worker goes home in a cart – a typical vehicle in China
The Chinese need an afternoon nap like air, but far from everyone is at home at this time. Therefore, in the afternoon, here you can see a lot of Chinese people who sleep in various poses in places not intended for this. Alone on the bench, others in the park, and still others right at work.

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