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What attracts Finland in the summer for traveling with children?

Santa Claus and Moomin trolls, game parks and water parks, cruises and fishing, nature and natural products …

In “Moomin World” everything is created for children: you can play pranks everywhere, walk barefoot on sand and cobblestones, eat natural pink cotton wool, lollipops and ice cream, and also have a hug with good Mumikami
They are known and loved all over the world, and their blue house, the prototype of which was the lighthouse, seen by Tove Jansson, became one of the most replicable and recognizable buildings when it comes to Finland.

Guess who it is? Of course, this is Moomin trolls! Slava Moomin-trolls, created by the famous Finnish artist and writer in 1945, has long gone beyond Finland. So in the town of Naantali, where on a separate very cute and very green island there is a whole world of these fantastic characters, tourists from all countries of the world travel.

A whole world of fairy tale characters is located in the town of Naantali.
In Muumimaailma (“Muumimaayilma” or, more simply, in “Moomin World”) everything is created for children. You can walk everywhere, you can play pranks, walk barefoot on the sand and cobblestones, there is natural pink cotton wool, lollipops and ice cream, and still have to cuddle! It is with hugs that the visit to the “Moomin World” begins: at the entrance, all the visitors of the park are welcomed by the kind Mumiki, who are very pleasant for hugging both children and adults. Raster dolls are made of soft and hypoallergenic material.

In the World of Moomin Trolls, in addition to the famous blue house, which you need to inspect from the attic to the basement with jam, you can see much more. So, around the island there is a beautiful path of fairy tales: walking on it, you can get into the witch’s labyrinth, climb into the Snusmurik tent, find out what treasures are stored on the ship of Moomin Papa and visit Snork’s workshop. Every day there is an entertainment program in the park, so you will be bored.

Fairy tale trail
But you probably want to have a bite and a rest: there are about a dozen different catering points in the World of Moomin Trolls, when developing the menu of which the most common food allergies were taken into account. The park has several well-equipped children’s rooms connected to the toilets. You can also warm up baby food in the microwave in restaurants. Optionally, you can hire a pram or rent extra items to the storage room.

By the way, about the schedule and seasons. Moomin trolls usually sleep through the winter (except for one week at the end of February, when the park wakes up to celebrate the “Magic Winter”). Therefore, tourists usually go to the park in summer.

A ticket to visit the “World of Moomin-trolls” for one day when buying online costs 29 euros, in place – 31 euros. If you want to stay on a visit to the Moomin for a couple of days, then you should buy a ticket for two days: it will cost 37 and 39 euros, respectively.

If the whole family gathered in Muumimaailma, then a family ticket for four people when buying online will cost 112 euros (116 euros in place), for five – 140 and 145 euros, for six – 168 and 174 euros, respectively. Children under 2 years old are free!

In Rovaniemi there is something to do all year round: you can ride a husky or reindeer sled, go on a deer farm, buy designer goods and souvenirs, send a letter from the Santa Claus “corporate” post office, “catch” the northern lights
Another fascinating place for traveling with children to Finland is the city of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, located right on the Arctic Circle. Tourists Rovaniemi is better known as the official residence of Santa Claus.

Do not think that you must go to Santa Claus in the winter. You can visit the Finnish “Santa Claus” throughout the year. Essentially, Santa’s Village is a whole entertainment complex, where about 50 companies, shops, restaurants and cafes are engaged in the organization of leisure activities. At any time of the year, you can ride a husky or reindeer harness, go on a tour of a reindeer farm, buy designer goods and souvenirs, send a letter from the “corporate” Santa Claus post office. By the way, for each letter or postcard sent from here, a special postmark is put, so do not hesitate, your messages will be unique. And on Santa’s mail you can order a letter from Santa to your child, who will come during the New Year holidays and will be signed by Santa himself.

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