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Restaurants on the water: the romance of premium on the banks of the Neva

It is known that St. Petersburg is a sea city, and all its main attractions are located along the granite embankments of the Neva …Many tourists, arriving in Northern Venice, immediately pay attention to the ancient sailing ships of the XVIII century, moored in the very center of the city. These objects have long become new sights of the city, but for sure you will be interested to know that the Flying Dutchman and the frigate Blagodat are also some of the best restaurants in St. Petersburg where you can have a great time enjoying incredible panoramic views of the historic city center and gourmet cuisine from top chefs.

The Flying Dutchman restaurant is deservedly considered to be one of the best restaurant complexes of the Northern capital.

The Flying Dutchman on the Embankment
The ship is located on Mytninskaya Embankment, right by the Birzhevoy Bridge, and guests can enjoy a beautiful view of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Palace Bridge and other sights. On board are three restaurants and the elegant Provence cafe, offering visitors dishes for every taste and a wide selection of wines.

To match the high cuisine and atmosphere of the establishments – the chic interiors of the Hermitage restaurant can only be compared with the historical halls in the building opposite.

Summer terrace
In summer, there is also an open terrace, and guests can not only come, but also sail to the Veranda restaurant on their own yacht.

Frigate “Grace”
Not far from the “Dutchman”, right behind the Trinity Bridge, there is another ship on the Petrovskaya Embankment, stylized as a frigate of the late 18th century.

Frigate “Grace”
In that distant epoch any fleet would be proud of such a ship, and today the ship has become a real decoration of the historical center of St. Petersburg. Inside there are two banquet rooms and a two-level panoramic restaurant “Wind”, from whose windows tremendous views of the architectural ensembles of the Neva embankments, the Field of Mars, the Summer Garden. The interiors of the institution seem to carry the guests during the heyday of the Russian Empire and the Russian fleet, in every detail royal grandeur is felt. In the summer, you can also spend time on the open deck of the frigate. Even recognized gourmets will be pleased with the kitchen.

Panoramic restaurant “Wind”
Banquet Hall “Empire Passion”
Banquet room “Summer Garden”
Restaurants on the water turned into a real must have for tourists coming to St. Petersburg, but the city residents themselves willingly hold dates and weddings here, corporate parties and business meetings, celebrate anniversaries and graduations. An incredible combination of the historical atmosphere, beautiful views and impeccable cuisine are waiting for everyone who visits restaurant complexes on ships in the center of St. Petersburg.

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