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Holiday in Russia: 10 popular summer holiday destinations

The beginning of the summer holiday season in Russia this year almost coincided with the start of the World Cup, which had a rather strong influence on both holiday plans of Russians and prices in hotels, restaurants and the entire tourist infrastructure. But the Championship is already completed, and the summer continues.

1. Big Sochi
Sochi and its satellite resorts (Khosta, Matsesta, Adler, Dagomys, and others) have been the most popular tourist destination in Russia for many years. The mild subtropical climate, magnificent nature and 145 kilometers of the Black Sea’s sunny Black Sea beach have long attracted hundreds of thousands of Russians in the summer, although in recent years many have been hindered by the high cost of trips. This season, according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), the cost of a weekly rest (including flight) for two has grown here by about 5,000 rubles, but Big Sochi, according to ATOR, remains the most accessible beach resort for Russians.

2. Crimea
The second most popular summer tourist destination traditionally remains the Crimean peninsula, more precisely, the southern coast of Crimea, a subtropical zone. According to ATOR, in the current season the rest in the Crimea has fallen by an average of 8 thousand rubles, but a rest on a peninsula comparable in terms of service will still cost the tourist a thousand rubles more than in Sochi. The commissioning of the automobile part of the Crimean bridge did not have a significant impact on the total cost of rest on the peninsula.

3. Caucasian Mineral Waters
The group of resorts of federal significance Kavkazskiye Mineralnye Vody in the Stavropol Territory is Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk, Mineralnye Vody and other equally famous health resorts in Russia on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Summer is the most favorable time for rest and recuperation in the local resorts. The temperature of air and water in mountain rivers and lakes reaches optimal values ​​for a comfortable rest, rains occur extremely rarely. Prices for housing and food in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters are much higher in summer than at other times of the year, but still do not reach the level of “Sochi records”.

4. Baltic Coast (Kaliningrad)
Summer holidays in the Kaliningrad region are for those who like the mild, cool Baltic climate, a kind of “wild” nature, an abundance of fish delicacies and amber souvenirs. The swimming season in the Russian Baltic begins at the end of July and usually lasts until the 20th of August. In this short period of time, there is the largest flow of tourists and, accordingly, the increase in housing prices. The most popular places among tourists are the Curonian Spit, the Baltic Spit, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk.

5. Baikal
The cleanest and deepest lake in the world, Baikal every year becomes more and more popular among Russians tourist destination. Baikal is considered to be beautiful anywhere and at any time of the year, but in the summer its fantastic beauty is revealed most vividly and picturesquely. It is the primeval beauty of summer nature that attracts tourists who are not stopped either by the cold (always!) Water in the lake, or by the capricious nature with frequent piercing winds. Natural and financial obstacles accompany natural obstacles: the distance from Moscow to Irkutsk is more than 5,000 kilometers, respectively, and the cost of the air ticket in both directions starts from 23 thousand rubles. You can get cheaper by train, in a compartment car for about 15 thousand rubles in both directions, but the prospect of spending more than three days in this car does not suit everyone. And yet, Baikal is worth seeing at least once!

6. Mountain Altai
Altai with picturesque mountain landscapes, swift rapid rivers, pearl lakes, monuments of ancient cultures is one of the most interesting regions of our country. The summer season in the Altai Mountains is perfect for lovers of active and thematically diverse tourism. In recent years, an extensive modern tourist infrastructure has been established and is actively functioning in Altai. Many hotels and tourist bases have been built, many places for health and sports tourism have been arranged. Gorny Altai traditionally attracts lovers of extreme tourism, rope lifts to the mountain peaks were built for them, rafting on the Katun, Chuya, Biya rivers was organized. Prices for housing, compared with the resorts of the European part of Russia, are low. For 600 rubles a day you can rent a summer house, and for 4000 rubles you can rent a comfortable cottage. Prices in hotels start at 400 rubles per day per room.

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