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Holidays in Armenia

May is probably one of the best months to visit Armenia. Having made a trip at this time, you will still find a period of luxurious flowering of fruit trees, which can be found in large numbers even on the central city streets, avenues or boulevards.

Rest in Armenia
Warm and sunny May weather is favorable for all kinds of country trips and nature excursions, such as trips to the beautiful high-mountainous Lake Sevan, rightly called the “pearl” of Armenia.

A visit to Armenia in May is also a great opportunity to combine a tour program and participate in the May holidays, of which there are quite a few. It so happened that a number of important historical events for Armenia fall at this time, therefore, May is also called the “month of victories” here.

May 1 – International Day of Workers – a day off. The next holiday (May 8) is Yerkrapah Day. Yerkrapah is a union of volunteers of Armenia, formed in the 90s and managed to defend the independence and integrity of the young state after the collapse of the USSR.

Victory Day – May 9, here continue to honor and remember. Many Yerevan residents go to the park “Akhtanak” – Victory Park, where, in addition to attractions and entertainment, you can see tanks and guns from the Great Patriotic War, exhibited as exhibits. Often on this day, a parade takes place in the central square of Yerevan, and the celebration ends late in the evening with a salute.

Republic Day (May 28) is a holiday in honor of the proclamation of the first Republic of Armenia. This day, as a rule, is also celebrated on a large scale. Throughout the city, concerts are held in the open air and a variety of recreational activities that continue until dark. And then comes the bright salute and fireworks at the Republic Square.

Rest in Armenia on the May holidays is a great opportunity to get acquainted with local traditions and original Armenian cuisine. Visiting cafes and restaurants, which are quite a lot not only in the center of the capital, you can feel the real warmth of the home, hospitality and hospitality, as well as try Armenian dishes (salvaged, horovat, khashlama, dolma, etc.), aromatic wine and, of course, the famous Armenian cognac.

Rest in Armenia on May holidays
By choosing one of the One Way Tour tours, you will be able to complete the program of the trip as you wish, and our staff will be happy to help you plan your every day stay in Armenia in the best possible way.

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