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Hostels of St. Petersburg – cheap accommodation in the historic center and not only

Hostels of St. Petersburg – cheap accommodation in the historic center and not only

For tourists with a small budget, the cost of living is of fundamental importance, and St. Petersburg hotels often turn out to be too expensive for them. Hostels come to the rescue – a popular format that provides accommodation for guests in a common room for several people or in a separate room with private facilities on the corridor. It is quite inexpensive and convenient, in many hostels there is also a shared kitchen, which allows saving on food.

Most of the hostels are located just in the historic center of the city, at a short distance from the metro stations, which is very convenient for tourists. Network hostels, like network hotels, are distinguished by high standards of service, cleanliness, and polite and well-trained staff. In small hostels, on the contrary, you can run into rudeness, lack of empty seats even with armor, the inability to leave valuables in the safe, uncomfortable beds and other problems.

High competition for the client makes it necessary to constantly work on improvements, pay attention to any claims from guests and does not allow to raise prices, otherwise potential guests simply choose another hostel. Some hostels in connection with this offer an expanded range of services: they have washing machines installed, irons and microwaves, so these options are also suitable for those people who are going to St. Petersburg for a few weeks, to study or internship.
Which hostel networks are the most popular in St. Petersburg at the moment?
One of the largest and most popular hostel networks among tourists is the Friends network. Today it includes 15 objects, mainly in the city center, in addition to hostels under the “Friends” brand you can find several hotels, as well as apartments.

Particular attention should be paid to the Friends Hostel on Bankovskiy Lane, from which everything once began, because all the sights are within walking distance of it. Also very interesting options for inexpensive accommodation are Friends of Life at the intersection of Nevsky and Vladimirsky, Friends of Vosstaniya at the Moscow Railway Station, Friends of Gostiny Dvor and Friends of Liteiny.

High ratings of guests regularly receive hostels “Wonderland” on Nevsky Prospect and Zagorodny Avenues, included in the Wonderhostel network. This network is quite young, but it offers the most comfortable conditions for guests and very low prices. You can view current prices for accommodation on specific dates here.

Both hostels are just three minutes from the metro, all rooms for 2-4 people. Rooms and common spaces are regularly cleaned, bed linen is changed, and the administration guarantees hot water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (this is a problem for the center of St. Petersburg).

Positive hospitality Group offers as many as seven hostels in the Central, Admiralteisky and Kirovsky districts. In addition to an equipped kitchen and free Wi-Fi, you can even find a sauna or snack bar, as well as private parking for cars in some hostels of this network. Such hostels as Lime and Iceland, located on Nevsky Prospect, a stone’s throw from Vosstaniya Square, and Russian Soul on the Admiralty Embankment, very close to the Hermitage, and Meeting Place in a quiet area near the metro station “Chernyshevskaya”, not far from the Mikhailovsky Castle.

Port Hostels is another notable network offering comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. It includes hostels of the same name on Nevsky Prospect, Sennaya Square and Suvorovsky Prospekt.

The cost of living in a six-person room starts from just 300 rubles per day, which is especially beneficial for large companies coming to major sporting events, music festivals and concerts, which are often held in the city. The administration guarantees all the necessary amenities for guests, including the maintenance of cleanliness and order – no one will interfere with your rest after the end of a hard day.

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